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If you've got a new SEAT, you'll want to preserve its stylish looks and great performance - not to mention its resale value. If you bought it in the last three months, you're eligible for a two or three-year fixed price Service Plan, which gives you the reassurance that your car will be serviced by trained SEAT technicians, using only approved SEAT parts. They're inflation-proof and great value, saving you up to £79 over normal service costs. Whatever your model, there is a low cost monthly fee of £20.75 for the three-year service plan and £21.00 per month for the two-year plan. You make 18 payments for the two-year/20,000 plan and 24 payments for the three-year/30,000 mile plan. You can set up your fixed price service plan today by calling 0333 320 4173.

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